Mobile Programmatic​

Platform For Incremental Growth

Proximity Marketing

Create audiences based on user’s location patterns and target them at the right place and the right time. Measure the real impact of your Drive to Store campaigns with incremental footfall in real time.

Connected TV

Reach users on their Connected TV (CTV) devices and increase your brand impact by synchronizing campaigns across devices in the household. Benefit from the experience of omnichannel video while following the data driven programmatic approach.

App Marketing With Incrementality Measurement

Automatically measure incremental impact of your App Marketing campaigns delivered either on the mediasmart platform or elsewhere through our ad server.

Programmatic Brand Marketing

Drive higher brand recall and top of the mind awareness with brand-safe advertising. Measure and optimize viewability in real-time with total control on deal management, whitelist and blacklist for publishers with full protection on publisher spoofing.

Our Products

Demand Side
Programmatic Platform

One Station is the demand-side platform designed for advertisers to leverage mobile programmatic advertising.

Popular Features

Popular Features

Incremental Ad Server

Leverage the optimal way to identify advertising channels that work for you by actually measuring the results they produce when ads are served, versus when they are not.

Footfall Measurement Platform

Drive footfalls and measure the number of visits to a specific store

Popular Features


Integrated Supply Partners

Unparalleled reach for global mobile inventory through leading direct
programmatic integrations that enable higher audience outreach.

Brand Safety, Data, Tracking and Creative Optimization

Real-time reporting
& viewability optimization
GDPR & Ad Quality compliance with fraud detection & data security algorithms
Leverage data platforms through
API & easy integrations
Easy tracking: integrations with leading MMPs, GTM and dynamic pixels

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